Sports Day: celebrated on August 15. Apart from regular events like the 200m race and relay, shot putt, javelin throw, the school has evolved games like Collect Your Partner, Kangaroo Race, Scissor Cut, Tying Yourself into Knots that combine athletic ability with loads of fun. The competition is not with others but with bettering oneself.

Project Day: held in end November or early December, is the big day when the learnings from the year’s theme are showcased. Children display models, charts, present songs, dances and plays to the visitors and parents. Themes explored in the past: Thuvaipathy, one of the villages around Anaikatti; Natural Disasters; Rivers; Birds of Anaikatti; Rice and Forests; Arts.

Annual Day: in February is an exhibition of their prowess in dance, music and theatre. One year, the children produced a play in the tribal dialect based on the Silappathikaaram. One year was a pageant of life in the village. A dance-drama on the river Kaveri was presented another year. In 2015, the highlights were a Yakshagana performance, street plays on issues related to farmers and development, and a musical ensemble that combined tribal music with classical music.

Between these are other events like Van Mahotsav, celebrations like Christmas andHoli and field trips both for students and teachers.


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