Vision: To nurture tribal children to become self-confident, motivated, knowledgeable, and emotionally stable adults who will be the leaders and

entrepreneurs of tomorrow

Mission:  To provide a fear-free learning environment and a specially designed curriculum that integrates today’s educational requirements

the community’s unique needs; To inculcate appreciation and respect for their culture, their knowledge base and the environment 

•  To build an integrated personality; achieved only when the intellectual, emotional and the physical needs are fulfilled
•  To build empathy for the environment, the community and all living creatures
•  To ensure that children are free to voice their opinions, think critically and pursue their individual passions

•  To ensure the cultural heritage of the tribal communities is weaved into the educational and academic curriculum

The school is housed in a beautiful eco-friendly campus that is aesthetically constructed to provide the most conducive learning environment for the students. Over time, the school has grown to include not only classrooms, playgrounds and leisure spaces for children but also laboratories and libraries required to cater to senior student’s needs.

Vidya Vanam seeks to nurture children by both encouraging traditional knowledge bases and providing platforms for exposure to mould them into the leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Each child at Vidya Vanam is empowered to form opinions and then articulate them, creating a generation of children who are unafraid to chase their dreams. 

Vidya Vanam has the rare privilege of being the first school in rural India serving the needs of the underprivileged and tribal communities affiliated to EDEXCEL IGCSE, an academic qualification from Pearson. Two batches of children have passed the EDEXCEL IGCSE 'O' Level exam and the Tamil Nadu State Government Std X board exam with a 100% pass percentage. They are now studying in other schools in Coimbatore for their higher secondary school exams.

Started in 2007 with the aim of catering to the educational needs of the local tribal population, Vidya Vanam was started by Bhuvana Foundation at Anaikatti, Coimbatore. At the start, the school hosted forty children with four teachers. Today, the school has grown into a strength of close to three hundred students and thirty full-time teachers, with two batches of tenth graders graduating with 100% pass rate. The majority of our students are first-generation learners from communities in and around Anaikatti.